Thursday 20 September 2018

9.30 onwards     Meet at store

10.00                    Guest Speaker - Tony Swan, CSIRO

Crop sequences that convert rainfall into profit, while managing weeds, disease, pests and costs

Automated Insect Monitoring – Richard May

                              Seed Terminator – Mick Broad

11.20                    Bus to Canola Trial Site & Lunch

12.00-1.00          Southern Canola Trial Site (Simon Giddings, Wangary)

      • Nitrogen management in canola
      • New canola varieties
      • Disease management in canola – Blackleg & Sclerotinia
      • Acid tolerant pulse rhizobia
      • Pasture variety demo

1.00                      Bus to Pulse Trial Site

1.30-2.30             Pulse Agronomy Trial Site (Biz Minhard, Cummins)

      • Larn McMurray, Global Grain Genetics
      • New and novel varieties of Chickpeas, Lentils, Peas, Beans and Lupins
      • Disease management in Chickpeas, Peas and Lentils

2.30                      Bus to Yeelanna cereal trial

3.00-4.30             Yeelanna Cereal Trial Site (Michael Slater, Yeelanna)

      • Wheat TOS and Long Season Options
      • Insecticide seed treatments
      • Barley Variety Management – PGR’s, Fungicide’s
      • Wheat Varieties
      • Bayer Seed Dressing Trial - Pythium, rhizoctonia and crown rot management
      • Falcon Soil Sampler Demonstration
      • Septoria tritici management

4.30                      Bus back to Cummins

5.00                      BBQ tea and drinks at store

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Agronomy Client Bus Day

Guest speaker—Tony Swan from CSIRO

We have been very fortunate to secure Tony Swan as a guest speaker for our agronomy day. Tony has conducted some outstanding research in a wide range of topics of interest and is well-regarded in the industry as a presenter.

Tony Swan (BAppSc, Ag, Hon1), is a Senior Experimental Scientist with CSIRO Agriculture and Food with 20 years practical and research experience in crop, pastures, soil and farming systems research.

Tony has managed large multi-crop, multi-year on farm systems experiments throughout southern NSW with his experience including investigations into subsoil constraints on crop performance, perennial and novel pasture systems (cover-cropping, inter-cropping, pasture row-spacing), crop systems research (subsoil constraints, grazing & stubble management, water-use efficiency, crop sequences to manage herbicide resistant weeds and nitrogen, integrating pulse crops into crop systems).  He is currently leading the GRDC stubble management project in southern NSW that has investigated different crop management strategies by sowing opener types on profit and weeds.

He is one of the leading researchers on the GRDC’s new farming system project in southern NSW that is investigating improving the efficiency that the entire crop sequence converts rainfall into profit rather than individual crops, while managing weeds, disease pests and costs.

We are looking forward to Tony sharing his insights.