Nutrien Cummins Ag Services



Cummins Ag Services has recently been appointed to the distribution network for Sentek Sensor Technologies and are able to supply and install Sentek soil moisture monitoring products.

Together Sentek and Cummins Ag Services are looking to increase the knowledge of soil moisture trends in this region. This will include increased service and support for the growing interest in broad acre soil moisture monitoring.


EnviroSCAN® is Sentek’s flagship product and has become the most widely used continuously logging irrigation management tool in Australia. The EnviroSCAN® is a complete and standalone soil moisture monitoring solution.

“Sentek Plus” has the ability to continuously track across the soil profile, not only soil water data but also fertilizer and salinity data, through the use of TriSCAN sensors. Sentek Plus utilizes NextG communication to send soil water and fertilizer and salinity data from the probe directly to the user’s PC via the Internet.

Sentek’s IrriMAX software converts this information into graphical form to give growers a better understanding of soil moisture levels in the soil profile. Growers can easily access to their soil water, fertilizer and salinity data anywhere in the world and at any time of day through the Internet.

We are working with soil moisture probes in our R&D program in an attempt to better understand our soil moisture and assist in decision making (ie nitrogen applications) to achieve better yields and be more profitable.

Moisture Probe Data